Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What's the point of all those genetic tests?

About a week ago when I went to visit my Obgyn she went over various tests that I could have done before my baby arrives in just about 28 weeks from tomorrow. Of course there are the normal blood tests and urine test I have to do each visit to make sure I am getting the right amount of vitamins. I have been vitamin B12 deficient and anemic all my life no matter what I do. But she offered me tests such as; Chorionic villus sampling and other genetic tests. Most of them rely on using a needle to poke into my abdomen to withdraw fluid which is later looked at to see if the baby will have an genetic issues.

My thought is  "why would I risk a miscarriage, the temporary pain and even worse. The thought that my baby may have a genetic condition. Once I found out I would probably not stop thinking about it and begin to blame myself for what has happened. But honestly, what's really the point of this test?

After thinking about all the risks verses the "really what can I do now about it?" questions that ran through my head I came to a conclusion. Even if my baby had a genetic issue or was found out to have a physical or mental limitation what would I do? Nothing! This is my baby and I will love them no matter what may happen or how they come out on their birthday. They are a blessing. Each and every child is no matter who they are or chose to be. Love conquers all specially when it comes to babies and children.

After I asked my doctor more questions she and I both agree. The tests are pointless. The baby will be very much loved by me, my husband, their big brother and my whole family. My Obgyn  has had 9 of her own. Her last was when she was 44. So obviously when I told her I felt I was "old" when it comes to being pregnant she just laughed. She said "there is no perfect age to be pregnant. As long as the mom is in descent health and full of love any age is fine." That made me feel a lot better. I know I am 35 but some days I feel like I am 80.

With my first son I never did any tests except when he was 32 weeks. I had an amnio to see if his lungs were developed enough to deliver him at that time. I was preeclamptic and in the hospital for a month. His lungs were not ready yet. So we waited and finally came to the decision to have him delivered at 36 weeks. It was all natural. Honestly it was very painful. I will not lie about. Then having an huge older man with huge hands break my water at 5am was scary. The nausea and headaches were so bad I wanted to be knocked out. Then having a fill-in doctor have me push hard while I was only 6 centimeters dilated was pure hell. But after 19 hours of labor he arrived. He was a month early weighing 6pds 11 ounce and 19 inches long. Not bad!

So in the long run. My question is why would anyone want a test to see if they want a baby or not? Would you really give up a child who may have an genetic issue, physical impairment or something else? Then take this how you want but maybe you should have not had sex or have better prepared yourself. They did not ask to be born. You, your other half and God are the ones who created them. And to take away their life or give them up is not fair to them. Its cruel in my opinion. If you want to give them up then please find people who would shower that baby with love no matter what.

Life is all about choices. This choice of having another baby is one of the best choices I have ever made. No one will ever take that from me.

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