Friday, March 28, 2014

Ignorance the norm or what?

Today I went to the gas station and ended up being in a line waiting that extended to the street. I waited patiently. So now we are actually moving along and the car in front of me pulls into the side parking area on the lot. The place where cars park when they don't need gas. I had my 6 year old son with me. Well I pulled into the pump only to have a lady pull up on the side of me start swearing at me. It was the lady who was in front of me. She was yelling at me for taking her spot. I even said to her that "I would never do that to someone I knew who was there first." I also asked her "why she parked in a non gas spot then?" Needless to say she still kept on cussing and yelling at me. So my son yells at her to saying "to leave mommy alone." Then she pulled off. Must have not seen I had a child in there.

My thing is....... why is society so damn rude? It seems like as I get older I notice a lot more ignorant, stupid and selfish people. Or is it just suppose to be this way. I am a person who thinks last of myself even if its for  stranger. I always put others first. So to be judged by that woman actually made me upset. Sadly. What happened to the calm talking, the days when politics was just that. Not being mean to each other. Or when people actually held doors open for others and payed attention to what others are saying and not talking on their stupid cell phones. Or is this the way society is meant to be. If so I feel bad for my kids. I really do.

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