Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why do we have to depend on SO much technology?

Now don't get me wrong. When I was a teen and a young adult I was into all the newest gadgets. When beepers were cool I had 2. Yeah 2. I know. Don't ask. I also had all the newest stereo equipment, car equipment and you name it. I had it. I worked  damn hard for it.

Now its impossible to stay away from cell phones, apps, email etc. Honestly I hate phones as it is. Don't even get me started on texting. Its the stupidest thing to me. Might as well use a typewriter too and carry it with. Hey, I night like that better. LOL! But as I was saying. technology is literally everywhere. We have gotten so lazy as a society that we can't even walk over to friend who is with in arm reach to talk. We text now. What BS.

The reason I am so irritated about all this tech savvy stuff is because I am plain, simple and well...hell I will admit it. Not able to afford a $1000 phone and an additional $100 a month just for multimedia alone. Ridiculous! When paying bills people say they need my email to send me the receipt. Or when I want my sons records for school they want them all stored on the Internet. Really! Why? Have we not learned that technology is not that safe?

I am a person who will dabble on and off on the computer to keep in touch with friends or check out the newest shows but some of it has gone too far. When my hubby had an interview for a job he had no idea he had gotten it until it was almost too late because they emailed his offer to him. Why did they not just call. Is it really THAT hard? When I ask for stuff mailed instead of emailed people look at me like I am weird. Umm ok.

Maybe its me, but its gotten to be too much. Having our kids use the Internet to do homework. (Luckily my son does not have a school who requires that.) Parents I have talked to have to print out literally pages and pages for their kids schooling of info and homework. What about us who do not use it a lot or have no access to it. A bit unfair in my opinion. What are we teaching our kids by doing this? Maybe to be lazy and not actually learn with their own awesome brains instead of the Internet or some other form of technology.

 I guess I am old fashioned but I like it that way. Less trouble and I don't have to worry about dropping that phone in the toilet where it actually belongs :)

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