Saturday, April 12, 2014

Since when have we become such a selfish society?

Since when has the world started to seem so full of cold-hearted, non-understading people?

Over the years I have just learned to deal with ignorance. Just keeping my mouth shut when I hear or see people who are just plain rude. Specially to me. But honestly, lately it seems like the world of ignorant people has doubled. Maybe even tripled faster than I can blink an eye. The one escapade I had that I wrote about previously about the rude lady at the gas station is just one of so many situations I find myself shaking my head at.

Why is it so hard to be plesant? Back in the days of our grandparents and great-aunts and great-uncles people seemed to be more. Well. "Pleasant". They talked kindly to their neighbors, waved to each other and even drank a their jobs out in the open with their bosses and co-workers. Everyone was or so seemed "happy".

Today it seems people are always on the go. Never having enough time to even smile. Seems so sad. Everyone seems so focused on their phones, apps, money and themselves. We are more selfish as a society now more than ever. So we really need to focus on a tiny screen more than the people around us?

We need to remember alot of those people around us are willing to literally risk their lives for you. They care about you more than you know and just would like to have a few minutes of you away from your phone, work or whatever it is that keeps you so busy that those people seem somehow forgotten. Eventually you will be the one left and forgotten if your life continues this way.

Society is also so focused on the "me" attitude. Me first, Mine and never an "us or we" put in there. Its gotten so bad that at times we are jepordizing others we love, even ourselves. Texting and driving. drinking and driving, cutting people off with babues in their cars, secluding ourselves and even posionig ourselves with the ways we live.

We need the old-fashioned days of polite political arguements. None with name calling. The days of holding doors opne for one another and not just walkig trhough them while on our phones and letting them slam on the person behind us. Sharing time with family and friends and not ourselves and phones. Spending holidays with family and not working. Days where everyone had smiles on their faces for the most part. And if we didn't we were able to talk about our problems openly without being judged. Ahh, the good ole days.

So lets take time to smile and honestly use our mouths to talk and not our fingers on a phone. Lets greet our neighbors and love our familes. Lets live life in he way it was meant to be lived. Full of love and happiness.

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