Thursday, March 27, 2014

Whats is "old"?

What really is considered old? Is it when we start to realize we have become mini me's of our parents? Is it when we discover that we can no longer stay out all night and work the next day? Or is it when we celebrate or oldest child's high school graduation.?

I have found out that age is really just a number. When I was younger, about 17, I thought 25 was old. So funny! What was I thinking? Now that I am in my 30's I think 100 is old. I have finally realized my life has just begun. I am set in my work life, happy with my husband of 8 years and 22 together. And I no longer need to worry about small needless goals. Its onto the big things.

Big things like; taking care of my children, enjoying my husbands company and just living day by day. Why did I plan for so much growing up? I have not made even half those goals. Goals that were so pointless. Goals like what I wanted to be? How much money was I going to make and how much beer could I hold down.

Money is not the key to happiness I have discovered. It only buys you more time. Time to figure out what life is really about. Time to figure out who loves me and who does not. Time was just working against me then. Now its working for me.

So old is just a descriptive noun to me. Just another useless one at that. Old is when we give up on ourselves. Old is something I don't want to think of. I never want to give up on myself or anyone.

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